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2018 – WAG NL Group Exhibition “WAG IN DUTCH LIGHT”, in cooperation with WAG HQ, Peter Weisz and Jasminka Paunović and with Winnie KLoet, manager Het Zonnehuis, Vlaardingen, NL
December 22th, 2018 to January 28th, 2019
Location: Het Zonnehuis, Dillenburgsingel 5, 3136 EA Vlaardingen

SOLD at the Opening: artwork of Monica Jimenez from WAG Mexico. The yield is for the eldery in Het Zonnehuis.


uitnodiging WAG in NL LICHT

After the exhibition the artworks will be donated for charity for the eldery who living in “Het Zonnehuis”.

donated artworks WAG artists:

CROATIA: Peter Weisz, Mate Dragas

From Croatia. Peter Weisz

From Croatia. Mate Dragas

INDIA: Vipulchandra Das


From INDIA: Vipul Chandra Das

FINLAND: Anja Mattila Tolvanen, Aune Mattila

Anja Matilla Tolvanen - The Magic Winter Light

From FINLAND: Anja Matilla Tolvanen

Aune Matilla

From FINLAND: Aune Matilla

UNITED KINGDOM: Vanessa Garside, Jason Caplan, Andy Baker

From U.K. Vanessa Garside

From U.K. Andy Baker

From U.K. Jason Caplan


From The Netherlands. Bikkel Artist

MEXICO: Ingrid Rosas, Arte IF, Carlo Pez, Jorge Ortega, Juan Pablo Macías, Michelle Mena, Monica Jiménez, Noé Diaz Ibañez, Oscar Lopez, Cuca Fernández, Dirse Tovar

Arte IF - Mar le Sentimentos

From MEXICO: Arte IF – Cuca Fernández

Carlo Pez - Nopal Colorido

From MEXICO: Carlo Pez

Ingrid Rosas - Circulo Imperfecto

From MEXICO: Ingrid Rosas

Joryn Ortega

From MEXICO: Jorge Ortega

Juan Pallo Macias - Frida Nina

From MEXICO: Juan Pablo Macías

Michelle Mena - Green is Love and green is Peace - Mexico

From MEXICO: Michelle Mena

Monica Jimenaz - Protector - 1de20

From MEXICO: Monica Jiménez

Noe Diaz Ibanez - Infuncia Inolvidable

From MEXICO: Noé Diaz Ibañez

O. J.

From MEXICO: Oscar Lopez

unknown artist de Mexico

From Mexico: Dirse Tovar