9 Month Cycle Competitions 2020-2021

to be continue….

4th Month Competition with THEME: DARK NIGHT


in the depths of my brain

far, very far away

a vague memory rises and falls

sometimes I catch a glimpse, no more than that.

that glimpse has no shine

it feels dark, wet and slippery

and before I can form an image in my head

the indeterminate black is gone.

oh dear dear soul,

let rest what doesn’t want to be seen

let sleep what does not want to be awakened

let forget what does not want to be known

give me strength and warmth

to wander further in carefree joie de vivre.


photography Bikkel Artist – Dark Night

3th Month Competition with THEME: PASSION

“I am captive, no room to breathe
the air is hot, suffocatingly hot
my calves cramps, cramp after cramp,
my head in a vise that continues to tighten.

what did I do to make this happen?
what have I done, what have I done?
where was I until this could happen?
where was I, what have I done?

I can’t sit still, I walk and I walk
my mouth is a scream, but I make no sound
I walk and I walk and I feel calmer
my breath getting better, the air no longer hot

one thing will be certain
I now know that I love
myself as I am
captive or not, I love



Bikkel – Passionate — photo by Bikkel Artist – 2020
Bikkel – One of the Stations of the Cross — oil on linen – part of 200x200cm

2th Month Competition with THEME: DREAM

“Waterway” – photography by Bikkel Artist

“dreamvision” – photography by Bikkel Artist

“DREAM WITH OPEN EYES” – painting Bikkel – acryl on canvas not streched – 80x60cm – 2020,

1th Month Competition with THEME: FREEDOM

Bikkel – Freedom – acryl on canvas – 40x30cm – 2020



– Photographers, Visual Artists, Poets

ONE ARTWORK per Artist, per category, is acceptable  

1. Open for entries  2020

to e-mail (info@wagames.org or wag.head.office@gmail.com )

2. Open voting 1st – 9th each month

3. 10th each month – publicly announced winners


POEM: font arial, size 16, not bolded, max. one page / with or without title

ESSAY: font arial, size 12, not bolded, max. half page / with or without title

sent in word document, white page, without page number, header/footer…


quality size for printing, publishing


photo of the quality size and form, suitable for publishing

without visible signature (if there is signature, cover it, or cut it off from photo)

All selected best works, one per each category, from 9 Months, will be printed in the catalog, until the 6th WAG Artistic Festival (Budapest, 2021) where the catalog will be gratuitous and given to present awarded authors, while to not present laureates will be sent by post, after the Festival.


* WAG members can participate in the competitions free of charge

* For all others, fee is 15 EUR per monthly competition in which they participate, payable to the WAG bank account (other option is to pay 60 EUR, the annual membership fee and become WAG members, as well)

Many successes and good luck!