WAG Children Project

VISION: To connect children* all over the world in the field of modern arts, art and culture. MISSION: To create activities for children* by art projects, in a framework of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and differences, concerning art and people. VALUES: Life, Person, Humanity, Arts, Education, Tolerance, (Sustainable) Development, Nature, Unity, Love and Freedom. PRINCIPLES: The WAG Association stands open to all States and people who respect Human Rights, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, social status or political persuasion. *include disabled children


2018 – WAG Children Project integrated at MDF – International Children’s Festival, Šibenik, Croatia, 2018. In 2018 is the 58e edition!!!

MDF is the oldest multimedia cultural manifestation of this kind, in the world.  From June 16th till June 30th 2018

WAG NL children from Rotterdamse SchoolVereniging (RSV) at Rotterdam, joined into this wonderfull project.

FLAGS WAG NL made by:

  • Tom Pierik and Levy Ramos – class 8a – 11/12 year
  • Bob Punt and Dexter Mourik – class 8a – 11/12 year
  • Leila Ben Saddek and Dario Sudmeier – class 8 – 11/12 year
  • Guusje Ewenblij and Willem Klaassen – class 7a – 10/11 year
  • Aurora Puce and Oxana Castendijk – class 8b – 11/12 year
  • Luuk van Dijk and Victoria van Dijk – class 7b – 10/11 year

Mrs. Friedie Kloen, teacher Rotterdamse SchoolVereniging (RSV)


2018 – Workshop Mobility “design own mobil phone”  at MDF – International Children’s Festival, Šibenik, Croatia, 2018. Given by Bikkel Artist, WAG NL president


2017 – WAG Radio Interview with Bikkel Artist


World Art Games 003 – WAG Children Project and WAG Netherlands. With Information about WAG Children Project.

Interview with coordinator, WAG Netherlands President Bikkel.

Hosted by: Stephen Ward


Andre Hazes – “Dat zegt een kind” (That’s what a child is saying)

Frans Bauer – “Heb je even voor mij” (Do you have one moment for me?)

Jan Smit – “Als de nacht verdwijnt” (when the night disappear)

LOGO WAGChildrenProject - up 384

2017 – 2018 TRAVELING Exhibitions WAG Children Project:

WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition, The Netherlands, 2018. Original and prints. Location: Church Centre HOLY, Reigerlaan 47, 3136 JJ Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. From September 24th till November 5th, 2018.

WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition (originals and digital), Austria, November 2017. Billrothgymnasium,  1190 Wien. From November 16th,2017 until midd Ferbuary 2018

WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition (originals and digital), Montenegro, September 2017

WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition (digital), Mexico, 2017. Main State Museum MAGH, Mexico, 2017

children at NL CP works

2017 WAG CHILDREN PROJECT at 4th World Art Games at Croatia. August 12-20th. THEME = PEACE, NATURE or IVANA BRLIĆ MAŽURANIĆ.

2017, Participating country’s, WAG Children Project Members, participating schools/groups:

WAG Austria        Jadranka Klabucar Gros     Billroth Gymnasium and Bundes Gymnasium

WAG Azerbaijan  Khatira Xalilova                   Panda School, Azerbaijan

WAG Croatia        Jasminka Paunovic              School: Slavonski Brod, Croatia

WAG Finland        Aune Matilla                         Kostia School at PÄLKÄNE, Finland

WAG Mexico        Ingrid Rosas                          Several Schools and Museum MAGH, Mexico

WAG Montngro   Damir Murseljevic              RP, Podgorica and LS, Nikšić

WAG Morocco     Adil Es-Safi Alkourayechi   socio-cultural center of Tétouan, Morocco

WAG NL                Bikkel                                     Lentiz Reviuslyceum , Mssl and RSV, R’dam

WAG NZ                Joanne Black                        Schools at New Zealand

WAG Turkey         Zeynep Aslı Köstepen         METU DF School, Ankara, Turkey

WAG U.K.              Vanessa Garside                  FM,  Copertino, Lecce, Italy

presentation board WAG NL

Lentiz Reviuslyceum, Maassluis and an Elementary School Rotterdam participated on behalf of The Netherlands. Warm thnx to teachers Yvonne Larmene and Friedie Kloen

Certificate WAG Children Project 2016-2017


WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition (originals), Azerbajan 2016

WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition (originals), Mexico 2016

WAG CP TRAVELING Exhibition (originals), Austria 2016

World Art Children Project 2016

2016 WAG CHILDREN TRAVELING EXHIBITION. Show children’s work that have been presented at 3th World Art Games at Montenegro. Traveling through Azerbajan (2016), Mexico (2016), Austria (2016). The purpose is to give children possibility to connect all over the world in the field of modern arts, art and culture. Coordinator: Bikkel Artist (Netherlands) in co-operation with WAG Children Group Members: Jadranka Gros (Austria), Xatira Xalilova (Azerbajan), Nina Sic (Croatia), Ingrid Rosas (Mexico), Miki Popovic (Montenegro) and Lisa Burke & Leo Semau (New Zealand)

2016 WAG CHILDREN PROJECT at 3th World Art Games at Montenegro.  May 4th – 12th, 2016.

2016, Participating country’s, WAG Children Project Members, participating schools/groups:

WAG Austria        Jadranka Klabucar Gros     Gymnasia: Neulandschule Laaberg, Döblinger, Billroth, Austria

WAG Azerbaijan  Khatira Xalilova                   C&Y Creative Center and Modern Education  DC, Azerbaijan

WAG Croatia        Nina Sić                                 School: Frana Krste Frankopana, Croatia

WAG Kosovo        Dardan Museli                     School, Kosovo

WAG Mexico        Ingrid Rosas                          Several Schools,  Irapuato, Mexico

WAG NL                Bikkel                                     School: De Lier, The Netherlands

WAG NZ                Lisa Burke, Leo Semau       Kapa haka group, New Zealand

WAG Children Project Exhibition 384

Coordinator: Bikkel Artist in co-operation with 7 other country’s. Bikkel is honoured receiving acknowledgement for the coordinating in the period 2015-2016. WAG CHILDREN PROJECT GROUP MEMBERS: WAG Austria, Jadranka Gros. WAG Azerbaijan, Xatira Xalilova. WAG Croatia, Nina Sić. WAG Mexico, Ingrid Rosas. WAG Netherlands, Bikkel. WAG New Zealand, Jules Hunt/ Lisa Wilkins Pirika. WAG Kosovo, Dardan Museli At The Netherlands many thanks are going to the students of Pr. Mauritsschool at De Lier, NL, and their mentor Lia Ruis on behalf of their contribution at the WAG Children Project with theme “Easter is New Life”.

September 1th to 9th, 2015

NEWSPAPER De Schakel - May 22th 2015

NEWSPAPER De Schakel – May 22th 2015 WAG NL organizes in co-operation with WAG HQ a presentation and an exhibition at the 2th World Art Games 2015 in Bratislava. Students works of LentizRevius Lyceum, Maassluis, NL, were shown in the Basement of the City Library. Students (14 to 15 years) have worked on it in school during 6 weeks under the leadership of teacher Yvonne Larmené. After the project students presented their work to each other. At the first day of the World Art Games, September 2th, Bikkel, WAG NL president presented this Project “Children for WAG” with opening of exhibition and a powerpoint presentation. September 8th, 2015, Bikkel, WAG NL president, was honoured with SPECIAL THANKS, for her contribution in promotion of WAG organisation. WAG NL Is not subsidized and does not yet have partners – we rely on our own way.

  • 2012 WAG Project Hope & Love” at Antun Bauer School wall at Vukovar 2012
    May 6th till May 13th 2012
Filip Kristiaan Davis Vednan Anana Sara Doris 384

Coordinated by Bikkel Artist, WAG NL president, in co-operation the help of Schoolchildren, Director of Antun Bauer School, Government of Vukovar, Artists of Vukovar, Peter Weisz, Artists of WAG, neigh boroughs of Antun Bauer School. Bikkel will bring Hope & Love to Vukovar by paintbrush Dutch flowers at the Antun Bauer School wall at Vukovar, Croatia. Portrait of Antun Bauer, Nobel Prize winner, is in the middle of the school wall. And four QR codes in between. Some photo’s of the realisation at the painted school wall are bring into the website of the Government of Vukovar.




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