Curacao flag at WAG NL-Cariben exhibition 384 aankondiging expositie WAG NL-Cariben

October 29th – January 29th, 2017

Dordrecht – Gallery Hofsteeg, Steegoversloot 41, Dordrecht. Gallery Hofsteeg is housed at an historical place in Dordrecht. Here in the very past the “States General” come together for 1th time. And the “State of Holland” has been founded. WAG NL president Bikkel bring together a group of NL Artists and Cariben Artists of different disciplines.

OPENING: Mrs. M. Wiels, Plenipotentiary Minister of Curaçao

loco mayer mw Wiels Onno de Bruyne Patrice van der Heiden.jpg 384 openings handling by mrs Wiels painting Peter Weisz 384

WELCOME by CITY OF DORDRECHT: mr. Sleeking, Loco Mayer of Dordrecht, Alderman Culture

Bikkel and mrs S Trinidad and loco mayer 384

During the opening poem “Nature is Poetry”, by Samuel Dumfries, is recited by Bikkel.

Bikkel Artist

PARTICIPANT ARTISTS: Peter Weisz, Bikkel, Ton Delfos, Trudie Canwood, Alberto A. Gómez Alpizio, Shahaila Winklaar, Samuel Dumfries, Tymon Ferenc de Laat, Friedie Kloen, Onno de Bruyne

Tymon and loco mayer and Bikkel 384 installation exhibition 3 384    guests at the opening 384 guests at the opening 5 384  Ton Delfos and his wife 384 WAG NL Cariben exhibition-- 384